Intex FitRist Pulzz With Heart Rate Sensor Launched

Intex FitRist Pulzz With Heart Rate Sensor Launched at Rs. 1,799
  • The Fitness Band is available only on Flipkart
  • It comes with a heart rate sensor
  • The battery lasts up to 7 days of usage

After launching the FitRist in February, Intex has now launched another fitness band in India. The Intex FitRist Pulzz will be available exclusively via Flipkart, and is priced at Rs. 1,799.

At the onset, the band sees an upgrade to a smooth black rubber-made changeable strap, instead of the rippled band seen on the predecessor. Intex also adds a heart rate sensor this time. The FitRist Pulzz fitness band features an 0.66-inch touch-enabled Oled digital display (64×48 pixels). Apart from heart rate monitoring, it also allows users to monitor step count, calories, distance covered, and sleep.

It supports Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity, and pairs up with the smartphone to give incoming call alerts, SMS alerts, WhatsApp notifications, and even Facebook notifications. It also gives access to the mp3 player on the smartphone to change tracks while working out. Furthermore, there is a remote shutter feature that allows users to click pictures on their smartphone from a far off distance. Apart from the normal alarm, there is also a hydration alarm feature on the FitRist Pulzz reminding users to drink water regularly amid workouts.

The Intex FitRist Pulzz is compatible with Android and iPhone devices (running above Android 4.4 KitKat and iOS 7). It offers 32KB RAM, 256KB ROM, and features IPX 66 certified water resistance (splash proof and protects from rain).

 It packs an 80mAh battery that takes about 1.5 to 2 hours to fully charge. Intex claims that the battery can last up to 7 days of usage. The band’s dimensions measure 23.8×12.3×138 – 197mm, and it weighs in at 28.6 grams. As of now, the Intex FitRist Pulzz is only available in Black colour option, and is offering an extra strap for free with every purchase.

AOC VR Headset Announced At Gamescom

AOC VR oblique

AOC has announced a new VR headset at this years Gamescom and the company is showing off  the device at Gamescom.

The device appears to be a prototype at the moment and now specifications were give for the device, you can read what AOC have to say about their new VR headset below.

Virtual reality has a history of being declared “the next big thing” and failing miserably a short time after the hype was at its peak. In 2016, however, all signs indicate that this time its development and the underlying technology are sound enough for it to stay. Goldman Sachs even stated in a report published in January 2016 that VR “has the potential to spawn a multi-billion-dollar industry, and possibly be as game changing as the advent of the PC”1. Use cases are as diverse as those of personal computers and smartphones: besides the obvious: gaming (and the military), there are video entertainment, live events, education, healthcare, engineering and even retail and real estate. Want to get a first-hand impression of your new home, hundreds or even thousands of kilometres away, from your old apartment’s couch? Just don a VR headset and walk around… And the list will get even longer the further the technology evolves.

For AOC, the entry into the HMD market is a natural step, says Stefan Sommer, Director Marketing & Business Management EMEA: “As a subsidiary of the world’s largest display manufacturer, we at AOC have always been at the forefront of developments in the display sector, be they desk- or head-mounted. I am sure that our new VR headset is only the beginning of a fascinating development and that AOC customers can look forward to even more exciting products in the not too distant future.”

Oculus Rift Hitting Canada And Europe Next Month

oculusOculus is now gradually rolling out the Rift VR headset in additional markets. As you probably know, it has been available in the United States for a couple of months, but now the company has announced that the Oculus Rift headset is going to be available from select stores in Canada and across Europe starting next month.

Customers in these markets can place their pre-orders now for the virtual reality headset.

You can pre-order and purchase the Oculus Rift from Amazon in the United Kingdom, France, and Germany. It will also be available from retailers like John Lewis, Curry’s PC World, GAME Digital Plc, and London’s Harrods in the UK. So you will have plenty of options when it comes to picking one up.

Those in France can get it from FNAC, those in Germany from Saturn and MediaMart as well as from Best Buy and Microsoft’s online store in Canada. Customers in these markets can place a pre-order today for the Oculus Rift. The suggested retail price in Europe is £549/€699. The headset will be available in-store starting September 20th. You won’t have long to wait.

All customers will get a free copy of the popular VR platformer Lucky’s as well as a collection of hundreds of 360 videos and VR movies. Your wait is almost over.

You Can Now Rent A Nest Thermostat In The UK

Nest Thermostat

The Nest Thermostat has been available in the UK for a while now and the device costs £199. Now one company has decided to offer the device for a monthly rental.

Octopus Energy is now offering the Nest Thermostat to its customers for a monthly fee of £6.99, the offer will be available to new customers.

Octopus Energy, part of the Octopus Investment Group who are the UK’s biggest investor in solar energy, announced today that it is helping consumers save even more by being the first utility provider in the UK to offer the Nest Learning Thermostat to its customers as a monthly rental. New customers signing up to any of the existing Octopus Energy tariffs will now not only save money on their energy supply, but also have the opportunity to add a Nest Thermostat (£199 value) rental for just £6.99 a month.

“Octopus Energy is dedicated to delivering the best experience to customers, taking every aspect of our service seriously, from offering the best prices on energy to fast, effective customer care,” said Greg Jackson, Octopus Founder. “By offering our customers access to intelligent technology, such as the Nest Learning Thermostat, we are not only helping people get the best deal on their energy needs, but also give them control of their usage.”

Oculus Rift Lands In The UK On September 20th

Oculus Rift

Good news fore VR fans as the Oculus Rift is launching in the UK on the 20th of September. The device will be sold through Amazon, John Lewis, Currys, PC World, GAME and other retailers in the UK including Harrods.

The Oculus Rift will retail for £549 in the UK and the companies above are now taking pre-orders for the device.

Every Rift comes with the popular VR platformer Lucky’s Tale, along with hundreds of free 3D 360 videos and VR films, plus access to the ever-expanding collection of made-for-VR games and experiences on the Oculus Store.

Over the coming weeks demo experiences will be rolled out at retail locations across the UK. Demo titles available include:

·       The Climb – every thrill-seeker’s favourite
·       Henry – a heartwarming VR film, narrated by Elijah Wood
·       Farlands – an exotic planetary experience
·       Oculus Dreamdeck – the perfect introduction to VR

Oculus will be offering demos of the device throughput the IL over the next few week and you can find out details of demos in your area at the link below.

Audi equipping certain vehicles with traffic light countdown system


It doesn’t matter where in the world you live; we have all sat at a red light and wondered when it would change from red to green. For some people in a hurry or late for an important appointment, the wait can be road rage inducing. Audi is trialing a new system that will tell drivers when the light is going to change and help to reduce traffic in the future.

The new Audi system is the first vehicle-to-infrastructure communications system where the vehicle is able to exchange information with the infrastructure in the city. The system does mean that the traffic lights in your area have to support the technology. Audi plans to install the technology on its 2017 Q7, A4, and A4 allroad models built from June 2016 on.

The goal of the technology is to show the driver a countdown so that they might pay attention to the light rather than their phone or a passenger and leave the light on time rather than holding up the line. The countdown will disappear a few seconds before the light changes to prevent turning the tech into a drag racers dream. The cars have to be fitted with LTE and the Connect Prime infotainment package. It’s unclear what cities the technology works in at this point, but Audi is working with Traffic Technology Solutions, a company that manages about 300,000 traffic lights around the US.

Porsche 911 Targa 4S Exclusive Design Edition Limited to 100 Units


Of all the Porsche 911 flavors out there, I would say that my least favorite is the 911 Targa. I just don’t like the way the car looks in profile. I would make an exception for this really good-looking Porsche 911 Targa 4S Exclusive Design Edition. It’s a limited edition car with about 100 units available globally.

It wears Etna Blue paint on the outside, a shade that was once used on the 1960-1961 Porsche 356B. Power for the car comes from a 420hp 3.0L twin-turbo flat-six, the standard engine for the Targa range. The badges are painted in the same blue color and the graphics and wheels are in a white gold metallic color.

The rear deck lid vent is in black and the interior looks pretty cool. I do like how the profile of the car is embossed in the leather of the center console. The car gets 18-way sport seats inside and some blue leather trim. Pricing is unknown, but it is expected to be a significantly bump compares to the $123,650 of a standard Targa. I’d rather have a Cayman GT4, but in the realm of Targas this is one of the best looking.